Evangelism Resources mobilizes disciples to accelerate God's harvest in mission fields around the world. Resources for Schools of Evangelism (SOEs), Portable Bible Schools (PBSes) and other ministries are available in multiple languages. Click on the menu above for downloadable materials in the designated languages. Also available are forms for directors of Schools of Evangelism and Portable Bible Schools. Click on the link below to visit ER's main website.

SOEs train evangelists with nine months of studies, divided into two semesters. Graduates are equipped with strategies for church planting.


PBSes train lay pastors using Called to Shepherd God's People. 200 hours of lessons contain OT and NT surveys,

and lessons on  holy living.


Praying Effectively for the Lost, by author Lee E. Thomas, presents a prayer strategy for removng strongholds that keep a person from receiving Christ.


Other resources are also available on this site, including forms needed by directors of SOEs and PBSes. Not all resources are in all languages.


E-mail Evangelism Resources at: office@erinfo.org

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