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School of Evangelism (SOE)

This nine-month program trains church leaders to be fruitful evangelists and to lead churches and denominations in dynamic evangelism and witness. It offers a highly practical, hands-on curriculum that revolutionizes the ministries of many of its graduates.

Each course is approximately two months long, taught one hour each day. There are two semesters a year, two quarters a semester, four courses each day, in our eight-month program. Each course is composed of at least thirty lesson plans, each lesson printed on one page to be taught in a one-hour period.

The sequence and combination of courses may change, but this is a recommended and workable suggestion; certain courses can be combined when there is a shortage of material, lack of teachers, or little need to address the issue. In India, a course should be added on Evangelism of Hindus.

Overview of Semesters

First Semester:

Download First Semester (in PDF)

Second Semester:

Download Second Semester (in PDF)

Download All Semesters (in PDF)


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